Product Demos

All the items below are from long ago. This page will be updated in due course. In the meantime, please have a look at

Jaanga has three quite different but very related product streams.

Jaanga geeDoc

Jaanga geeDoc S&P500 ~ 02-28-2011

The title of this series relates to the phrase "Gee, Doc! Look what I did..." and to the wonderful Google Documents suite of applications.

The idea here is to help you learn to Jaang - to see and decide what groups numbers actually represent - by yourself, at your own speed, own your computer.

The Jaanga geeDoc web page on GitHub provides links to a number of spreadsheets that you play with, hack and take wherever you want in your search for numerical meaning.

Link: Jaanga geeDoc on GitHub

Jaanga hiChart

Jaanga HiChart
The title here refers to the familiar greeting in the unusual context of communicating with a normally inanimate object and also to the delightful jQuery add-on HighCharts.

As with all the Jaanga demos any well-educated person should be able to grasp quite quickly what is going on in the charts. The development and production of new charts in hiChart is based on the highly-interactive jQuery JavaScript library and thus requires a reasonable familiarity with the JavaScript programming language.

Link: Jaanga hiChart on GitHub

Janga weB3D

More grammatically correct the title would be "We are 3D" but also this also pays homage to WebGL the browser-based programming interface that is bringing high-speed 3D to many more computers than ever before.

The numbers we look at represent actual things - forces of nature, the actions of thousands of people. By showing temperature as color, market capitalization as vertical height, time as motion then the numbers stop being over-simplified representations of people's activities. Telephone signals become numbers as they are transferred over the wires. Through clever tricks the numbers, as they reach your ear turn, back into human voice. Could we think of ways of doing the same re-transformations with the numbers that measure economies or weather?

Jaanga weB3D is where this jiingle-jaangle really begins. As of this writing (02-28-2011), the development effort is moving from geeDoc and hiChart into web3D. The progression should be quite straight-forward. Very similar work was done in 2010 using the Hypercosm plug-in. The new WebGL technology is quite low-level and requires some serious coding knowledge. The new Three.JS API, however, makes WebGl highly accessible to normal human beings.