Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jaanga 3.0.1 Alpha ~ A Small Update

Jaanga showing the S&P 500 A-F with the Dark Green theme

Please click on this link:

Jaanga 3.0.1 Alpha

This is the latest release of the web app that enables you to monitor and compare the performance of hundreds of stocks at the same time.

In this minor release, several appearance issues have been taken care of.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jaanga 3.0 Alpha

AXP (American Express) in the hot seat - Jaanga screen capture on 10/4/10

Here is the link to the Jaanga 3.0 Alpha:

This is the first release of Jaanga re-programmed as a 'browser applet'.

Jaanga enables you to monitor and compare large numbers of stock symbols in near real time for free. At any given moment it's really easy to spot the outliers .

Unlike Jaanga "Old School" this version is 2D only, but it works without a browser plugin or extension.

Jaanga Roadmap

Test case code showing a portion of the S&P 500

Jaanga is being re-programmed as a widget.

The benefits include:
  • No browser plug-in or program install necessary
  • No intermediate servers are required
The desired goal: It just works.

Jaanga is an ongoing project. In the next few weeks and months here are some of the features and benefits you might start seeing: