Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jaanga gDocs: Entire US Stock Market in Single Chart

6,670 Symbols - Every US stock in one chart - Image captured 01-27-2011
Admittedly this chart has too many data points too close together to be of much analytical use, nevertheless this image is remarkable for two reasons.

1. The first element is that any time you load the underlying Google Docs spreadsheet, Google Docs automatically retrieves and updates the data from Nasdaq. Nasdaq publishes data for every stock listed on the NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq itself. As of today's writing that is 6,670 symbols. The data includes symbol, price, market capitalization, full company name, industry & sector, year of IPO, latest price as well as a link to the Nasdaq web page with latest data. That's over 53,000 fresh data-points that arrive at your desktop within seconds of your asking. And it works every time.

Jaanga hCharts: Timely Update

Screen Capture from Jaanga hCharts 3.02 showing new Trails feature.

A minor update of the Jaanga hCharts applet is now available.

As always there are minor improvements and bug fixes everywhere.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

About Jaanga: The Deluge of Data

Image from the Economist's Special Report on managing information

If you look at the About Jaanga page it says. "The thesis of this web site is that if the world is to prevail over the deluge of data then entirely new methods of displaying that data must be established."

So what is this "Deluge of Data"?

It's been around for some time. The Boston Globe says five centuries: Information overload, the early years.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Processing the Deluge of Data Using Google Docs

Image captured 01-18-2011 - 3200+ stocks on NASDAQ - Apple highlighted

The thesis of this web site is that if the world is to prevail over the deluge of data then entirely new methods of displaying that data must be established.

Some of these methods may require huge data centers and exotic transmission methods. If, however, such methods are to be widely implemented and provide insight to large numbers of people, then at least at some level, the methods must be made accessible and understandable using readily available and inexpensive tools.

I am extremely happy to report that you can create highly insightful charts using Google Docs Spreadsheets that process many thousands of data points in near real-time.

Just as exciting is that the spreadsheets are not demos but display actual usable data. The data is is not delayed, the data arrives in a matter of seconds or so after the actual transaction.

The link below allows you to access three spreadsheets that in total provide you with the current movements of the 6,600+ stock on the three major US exchanges. You can just view a chart but you are really encouraged open up the spreadsheets and use these to create your own charts.

Link to source code: Jaanga GDocs on GitHub