Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jaanga hCharts: Timely Update

Screen Capture from Jaanga hCharts 3.02 showing new Trails feature.

A minor update of the Jaanga hCharts applet is now available.

As always there are minor improvements and bug fixes everywhere.

The first significant new feature is that the applet now has a limited memory of where its been. In the Setup drop-down list there is now an option titled "With Trails - Change Since Open". When you choose this option a second marker appears for each symbol.

The title of the option is somewhat of a misnomer in that the display shows the change in price and volume not since today's opening but since the time the screen was opened. Thus if you choose another option or another index then the applet loses all memory of where each symbol has been.

Needless to say, not losing our memory in this way is really high on the list of priorities. We are planning to use Web Storage in HTML5 that is currently in the beta versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari in order to store the data.

The second cool new thing is that we have copied the code over to GitHub. GitHub provides very elegant method for tracking revisions and making open source code available the public.

Link: Jaanga hCharts 3.02


  1. Ah yes! I've been waiting for this one! Much more to do though... Courage!

  2. Thanks. Yes, this is only a small beginning.