Monday, August 30, 2010

Jaanga Old School

Screen shot of Jaanga Old School - click to enlarge

Here is one of two still images I have of the old Jaanga. Unfortunately I never took any videos while it was in operation.

Jaanga displays every symbol in the S&P 500. Updates occur about every five seconds.

You can pan, zoom and rotate the scene in 3D in real-time while the symbols themselves are moving.

The horizontal or X-axis axis shows percent gain or loss since the previous days close. The Y-axis shows the volume. At the beginning of the day all the symbols were at the bottom of the screen and they progressed higher during the day. The Z-axis shows market capitalization.

As you move the cursor over a symbol the dashboard at the top of the screen displays all the important data for that symbol. It also displaying spark lines for the symbol as well as for the the S&P 500.

There are two modes for observing the market:
  1. real-time shows you the current position of each symbol
  2. replay allows you to replay the entire movement of the market  at many times the actual speed. This enables you to watch the entire movement of a day's trading in a few minutes.
 There is a limited ability to highlight selected symbols.

Programming features include:
  • Hardware accelerated graphics via the Hypercosm plug-in.
  • The ability to handle hundreds of thousands of data points per minute.
  • Access to market data at no cost to the end-user.

Trend spotting features include:
  • The ability to spot outliers in seconds
  • A striking views of the herding aspects of the trading day
  • The thrill of watching news being made.

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