Friday, April 22, 2011

Jaanga weB3D Pre-Release Launched

Screen capture of portion of Jaanga weB3D
Jaanga weB3D is now available for your inspection, comments and suggestions.

You can say its name as "web 3D. or "we be 3D". Your choice.

Please note that this is the high end, top-of-the line version of Jaanga and requires a high-end, fast computer. You will a latest browser that supports WebGL such as Firefox 4 or a recent update of Google Chrome. Internet Explorer will not work without installing a special plug-in from Google.

Jaanga web3D begins to show some of the features that this web site promotes as the future of complex data visualization:
  • Data is updated in near real-time.
  • Variables are viewed as three axes with color and shape adding two more
  • Time is incorporated as the 4th dimension.
  • Views can be manipulated with six degrees of freedom. 
  • A heads-up display provides real-time updates as you mouse over data points.
This is only the beginning.

Jaanga web3D is missing instant replay, automatic highlighting of interesting things (think of the yellow line on TV display of American football), multiple display toggles and much, more more.

But it's a start.

There are now three different examples of Jaanga the entry level, DIY version - geeDocs - based on a Google Docs spreadsheet. The intermediate version using HighCharts and now the sophisticated Jaanga weB3D based on the superb Three.js framework that takes the webGL tools that allow your browser to obtain hardware accelerated graphics by communicating with you computers graphics card.

The source code for all three version available and easily viewable on GitHub.  Run the software here and see the source code here.

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