Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jaanga weB3D Road Map: Complex and Contrary

3D holographic image from zebraimaging.com

The Jaanga weB3D released last week is an initial proof of concept or demonstration of ideas that I have been working on for about 15 years. There's a lot more in the offing, but let's start with what there is now.

What has been shown? Five selected, disparate features include:
  • Low latency response to huge amounts of real-time data
  • It just works: no plug-in, no install, no user intervention required
  • Multivariate analysis in full six degrees of freedom 3D
  • No rocket science. No servers: All code entry-level client-side JavaScript
  • Entirely free, open source software (FOSS)

Future directions include applying the tools to alternate data sets. This means not just to other exchanges or markets but to entirely alternate data sets such as weather and other biophysical phenomena, or sports and other human activities and, perhaps, also non-real-time data that is so sufficiently massive that historical tools could not process such data elegantly.

Whatever the data set, the tools must be able to satisfy a variety of audience types from moderately engaged newcomers to seasoned observers. At least two variations come to mind:

Jaanga for your grandmother and your grandchildren

The data comes alive. Jaanga personifies or anthropomorphizes the data. Companies are displayed as custom-designed avatars. Variables are displayed as the size of the sword or the color of the handbag. There are instant replays. It's a colorful, dynamic yet instructive experience. You look and you get it - just like that. This Jaanga is suitable for a TV broadcast or smartphone app.

Jaanga for the quantitative analysts, economists and statisticians.

Highly augmented data. Comprehensive heads-up displays. Voice or gesture driven. Rich panoply of real-time analytical plug-ins. Full apperception requires years of education much like the abilities of a radiologist or seismologist. This Jaanga reduces human-decision making latency in identifying black-swan events and statistical outliers.

These products are ambitious and seemingly contradictory. But all we aspire to do [thinking Newton, Armstrong and trolling propositions trailing prepositions] is provide a tiny shoulder that is but one small step for the giants of the future to leap from. ;-)

Immanuel Kant in his Critique of Pure Reason says “All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason.”

The goal of Jaanga is to present the reasoning person with the best that can be sensed.

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