Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sound As An Element in Visualizations

When I consider the word 'visualization', deep down I want this word to mean something much broader than merely interacting with one's eye-balls. I would like your full body to be involved. There should be touching and whole body movement. After all interacting with the computer should be healthy and not just about sitting there. At some stage in the future there should be smelling and tasting involved as well.

But even today interacting with data should include our sense of hearing. Sound is and must be an essential part of great data visualizations.

Sound in itself is a very big topic. It includes music and singing. And of course conversation and voice recognition. But it also includes all the other air transmitted vibrations that are either purposeful or accidental or merely the result of natural processes.

But where do sounds go to when they are finished?

There is a new website dedicated towards the archiving and curating of sound - SoundCloud. Apparently this is a brand new idea. I learned about this site from Fred Wilson – a famous venture capitalist ace to New York. Fred says that all it took him to "buy" the concept of the SoundCloud website was a single slide.


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