Sunday, May 20, 2012

Proposed New Three.js Article for Wikipedia

The article for Three.js in Wikipedia no longer exists.

The 'talk' on the topic of deleting the page (now closed) may be found here:

From past experience, rather than argue with the deletionists, a better strategy is to write an entry that is too good to delete. Once the Wikipedia deletionists are on your case, you have to write the way Wikipedia wants you to write - and that way is not always obvious, often involves complexities and and is time-consuming.

Nevetheless, it would probably be worth the effort for Three.js to get its Wikipedia page back.

A draft page - perhaps half complete - has been started by me here:

I can mostly deal with the issue of preparing the Wikipedia page myself. There are at least three more things to do:

1. I plan to break out the lists of web sites where Three.js has been used for games etc into separate articles - in this sort of way:

2. The article will need images. I am thinking of using screen grabs from, the Cube Map game and ??. Any suggestions?

3. Wikipedia supports SVG. Three.js outputs to SVG. Therefore the Three.js Wikipedia page will have to have at least one SVG file - and it should be animated as well. See

Note that SVG animations work only when you open the file outside of Wikipedia. See:

Anybody want to help create the first Three.js animation for Wikipedia?

If there is one place I feel I could use help it is in completing the feature list. that I have started. A feature list - mandatory for software it seems. This list is also on the Three.js Wiki on GitHub - so the GitHub list can be used a reference for the list on Wikipedia.

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  1. Nice work! The introductory paragraph is quite persuasive re notability (to me, at least :)