Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WebGL on Chromebook

demo broken here. but runs OK when post is opened

The new Google Chromebook landed on my desk today. This is the new $249 laptop from Google. It's a very nice little laptop. OK, so it's not a MacBook Air, nevertheless it compares with $2,000 ultrabooks of a couple of years ago.

The interesting and wonderful thing - and relevant to the dealings of this website - is that the Chromebook does run WebGL and Three.js and runs them with reasonable performance.

Moreover I have been able to use the Cloud9 IDE to create and edit the code for the disappearing spinning cube demo at the top of this post and to push and pull the code to GitHub. And now I am editing the text of this post on Blogger while the demo is running in another tab.

The image on the cube is a photo of the Chromebook opened to this blog with its WebGL demos running.

All of the above points to yet another good thing: I was able to get cracking within minutes of the computer being turned on for the first time. I did not spend the usual many hours installing and configuring.

Link to code for demo in header

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