Friday, October 5, 2012

Jaanga - Now a GitHub Organization

The process of moving Jaanga files from my personal GitHub repository to their own repository on GitHub has begun. Jaanga is now an official GitHub 'organization'. See:

This means that ownership of the project can now belong to a number of people and not just to a single individual (me in this case). I urge anybody that wants full collaboration and an ongoing existence for their open-source project to consider moving their project to an organization. It's easy to do.

In moving the project to its own pages, I have - of course - made the source code public. And, I have also made demos that work available using the GitHub gh-pages branch

Again I urge anybody with a GitHub project to - wherever it makes sense - to include working demos using the gh-pages feature. Too many times I have downloaded an entire humongous project just to see a quick demo and decide the project was not for me. Often I have downloaded projects and the demos don’t work. So installing demo files using gh-pages provides a quick check that your stuff actually works on another machine.

Moreover the demo shows people how to use GitHub as the Content Delivery Network for your app.

The move, so not everything is there yet. The user experience currently is mostly 2D, but eventually there will be more 3D as you move your mouse over the different sections. The current thing to look at is the 'Brain of Richard' app as this is the project I am currently working on and seeking feedback

Update ~ 2012-10-13
fixed broken link for

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