Saturday, April 27, 2013

FGx Globe r3.1 ~ Bug Fix Release - Nonetheless Very Nice Bugs

Here is the description on GitHub

The drop-down lists have received a lot of attention. It should now be a fairly straightforward process to select a different theme or map. Also what gets closed stays closed. This includes windows that have been closed and flights that have been terminated. More world maps have been added to the globe and the TBD panel is beginning to have a healthy set of issues to fix and features to add. 
Work has also continued on bringing in 3D models of airplanes. The current issue has to with dealing with what to do while waiting during the loading times for the 3D models, but this appears to be a solvable issue.
And there's a lot more that could be said.  I had a look at the app in FireFox and Internet Explorer. Given that I code on and for the Google Chrome browser there are a ton of issues.

The nice thing is that Three.js - the premier WebGL library for dummies - is sort of running on Internet Explorer. It's just not very snappy. The beauty of this scenario is that people can actually see what they are missing by being on IE.

The real issue, the lesson-learned of today, is something quite different.  I know that I suck at using the Chrome JavaScript developer console. I am working on this. Last night I even fell asleep watching a Paul Irish video on this very topic. But it turns out that I suck even more at the FireFox and Internet Explorer developer consoles. And don't even begin to ask me about Safari and Opera developer consoles.

So not only are the languages interpreted differently on each browser but also the available debugging consoles are radically different.

Even more interesting was that some of the issues definitely had to do with jQuery. And jQuery is meant to be the solid working-class tool for cross-browser support.

Would anybody kindly console me?

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