Friday, April 26, 2013

Jaanga Pivots Again

Much as I like the thought and idea of blogging in 3D, it looks like I don't do enough of it.  I am already doing more than enough 3D stuff on GitHub, so the work here on the blog is being neglected.

And, on the other hand, there are a lot of matters that I would like to be discussing that relate to coding and 3D and designing that I am not writing enough about.

So here's what I am thinking of doing for the time being: - this site - becomes all writing and then all the demos and code are on GitHub - at and

Well, the demos and code are already there there. So all I need to do is link to these from time to time from posts here in this blog.

I envisage writing short text-only posts. This could easily be a Tumblr thing, but since I have enough material on Blogger I don't feel the urge to do a big switch. And let's not get into a Blogger versus WordPress thing. I love them all. All of them are adding so much to the blogosphere both in terms of content but also in ways of processing that content. Hats-off to all three.

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