Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Terrain & Terrain Viewer Updates

De Ferranti Gives A Thumb's Up

A large portion of the Jaanga Terrain elevation data originates from Jonathan de Ferranti's Viewfinder Panoramas web site. It is essential therefore to have his approval for the usage and translation of the data.

I emailed Jonathan de Ferranti over the weekend explaining the nature of the Terrain project. He responded quickly saying that the usage of his data in this manner is acceptable. Attribution is requested but not mandatory.

So please do feel free to use the Jaanga Terrain data in any way that you wish. The Jaanga portions of the effort are under an MIT license. And similarly to Jonathan's request: attribution is nice but not required.

Terrain and Terrain Viewer Repositories Now Have Menus

All Jaanga material on the GitHub website is available in two ways. You can view the material as source code at or you can view the material as a web page (using the GitHub Pages feature) at

If you use the latter, there is now a nice and simple menu system that enables you to move around the web pages quickly and easily. There have been a number of previous iterations of of this menu system. This one is the simplest and easiest to maintain/

The goals include
  • Write everything only once
  • Everything that is written automagically appears on both the source code and the web pages
  • Write everything in Markdown format
  • Everything is turned into HTML automagically
There's quite a bit more to the system, but not that much more - or it would start to get complicated which is what we are trying to avoid.

All of this is worth a post or two in its own right, but for the moment just be happy to be able to Roam the repos more easily.


New Repository: Terrain Plus

This repository is for smaller data sets/

The gazetteer with over 2000 places names with latitude and longitude has been moved here

The very beautiful 'unicom' elevation data is now here. More about that data in a later post


PNG Viewer r3: Many New Features

There is now a dropdown that allows you to 'travel' to over 2000 locations.

A 'Lighten' button makes very dark PNG files much easier to read 

The major new new element is that every place in the gazetteer that is withing the current tile area is now displayed on the PNG with a little red box. To the right of the box is displayed the name of the location and its elevation. Not that the elevation is just a height relative the the lowest point in the heightmap. It will take a bit more learning about de Ferranti's data to display the actual elevation. But the data should not be good enough so that an object such as a building can be place on the map and not be up in the air or totally underground.

Now that there is a working prototype, the next step will be to add his feature to unFlatland and start adding objects.




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