Sunday, February 2, 2014

unFlatland r5.1: New Revision is Up. Already Hopelessly Outdated by unFlatland r6 Dev

unFlatland r6 Dev ~ view of Hong Kong Island 

unFlatland r5.1 is up and it does most everything that was promised in the post on unFlatland r4.

But it sucks.

This revision can now display any location on earth with a height or elevation or altitude or whatever accurate to 90 meters. It accesses the wonderful Jaanga Terrain repository of heightmaps accurate to 90 meters  - anywhere on the entire Earth (Thanks to J de F) . It all follows the OpenStreetMap Tile Map System and zoom from the entire world - zoom level 0 town to zoom level 15 and maybe even beyond

Old School.

It's only five hundred lines of code - so it really is aimed at the target audience (which is us dummies) .

It has geo-referencing. Click the Placards checkbox to to see the city names pop up at the correct latitude and longitude


unFlatland r5 ~ view of San Francisco Bay with 'blobby' overlay

Well, how about this? r5 already has had its first critique. swissGuy says: ' So it remains blobby for the moment.' Obviously swissGuy is taking his own sweet time to observe. Actually unFlatland r5 has *TWELVE* overlays and the blobby overlay is just the one we happened to feature in this release. swissGuy should learn to watch how he watches.

Wotcha!  << London slang greeting

Yes, of course, it should be finished. It must have its FGx aircraft flying around in real-time and, yes, it needs to be Leap Motion-enabled. But...

But what!?!

Well, these other few lines of code just sort of showed up. Kind of by accident. You know, fixing something else in another part of the forest. And there's a bit of crossover in the code. And then, who know how, the code is co-mingled. And thus, yes goddammit, r5 is 'old school'.


Um, we have decided to name the codeling 'r6'.


unFlatland r6 Dev

unFlatLand 5.1

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