Monday, October 4, 2010

Jaanga 3.0 Alpha

AXP (American Express) in the hot seat - Jaanga screen capture on 10/4/10

Here is the link to the Jaanga 3.0 Alpha:

This is the first release of Jaanga re-programmed as a 'browser applet'.

Jaanga enables you to monitor and compare large numbers of stock symbols in near real time for free. At any given moment it's really easy to spot the outliers .

Unlike Jaanga "Old School" this version is 2D only, but it works without a browser plugin or extension.

In a manner of speaking, Jaanga is now working like a widget that you might add to a Google or Yahoo homepage. The Jaanga 'widget' or 'applet' runs entirely in you browser talks and directly to major data providers without having any data passing through less-trustworthy intermediate servers.

These new two new features should give you faster throughput and more privacy.

There are a number of issues with this release:
  • The Zoom Reset button is almost impossible to see
  • The size of symbols does not allow for trillion dollar market capitalizations (See Hong Kong)
  • The titles of the drop-downs cannot be seen when there is a dark background
  • Error when numbers are "N/A" are not well-handled
With Internet Explorer there are even more issues:
  • Tool tips do not display quickly enough or over all symbols
  • The pop-up windows do not always display
  • The Help and About pop-up boxes are too high
Work is being done on all these issues and more. Do have a look at the Jaanga Roadmap.

Also, Jaanga is only really fun when an exchange is open and running. Have a look at this Wikipedia page with a list of market opening times. This version of Jaanga has index data for major exchanges in seven countries, so you can usually find a market that is open somewhere. Feel free to ask for more indices or even custom portfolios.

And, remember, this is just the beginning...


    1. Thanks Henrik.

      One of the next steps is to put Jaanga in 3D on WebGl. I'll be looking for your good suggestions and ideas for the best way to do this...